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JUNE, 2004.
Front matter: Summer, 2004.
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Articles (reviewed):
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and William Charles Arlinghaus
Spatial Synthesis Sampler. 
Geometric Visualization of Hexagonal Hierarchies:  Animation and Virtual Reality
Klaus-Peter Beier
One Optimization of an Earlier Model of Virtual Downtown Ann Arbor
Frank J. A. Witlox, Aloys W. J. Borgers, Harry J. P. Timmermans
Modelling Locational Decision Making of Firms Using Multidimensional Fuzzy Decision Tables:  An Illustration
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Fred J. Beal, and Douglas S. Kelbaugh
The View from the Top:  Visualizing Downtown Ann Arbor in Three Dimensions
Marc Schlossberg
Visualizing Accessibility II: Access to Food
Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere...

Peter A. Martin
Energy Flow:  Spatial and Temporal Patterns

Alma S. Lach
Winter Windows:   Ice Largo
Seung-Hoon Han
Spatial Analysis of Subway Zones in Boston, Massachusetts
Andrew Walton
A Golfer's Resource:  Huron Hills Golf Course, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thana Chirapiwat (link to his server, unreviewed material)
Visualization of Geographic Information with VRML

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