As families become scattered across 
geographic space, the need to have 
readily available memorials becomes 
increasingly important.  The days of 
visiting elaborate markers in a serene 
cemetery, and placing flowers at the 
base of a monument to a loved one, 
vanish as society becomes more 
far-flung.  Place an AMO on the 
web, complete with virtual 
flowers, in memory of a loved 
one.  The AMO Care and 
Maintenance Fund will ensure 
the perpetuity of that memory so 
that generations of family may 
enjoy the comfort of knowing 
their ancestry.

All rights reserved, Archived Memorials Online, 2003.
Single scanned flowers: Copyright, 1998,  Alma Lach, Inc.
Virtual floral arrangements:  Archived Memorials Online, All rights reserved, 2003.